Awnings are a wonderful way to capture your customers’ attention and improve your business’ visibility. Awnings are created to withstand a variety of weather types and can even provide protection to your clients as they try to escape the elements! Awnings can be secured above walkways, windows, doors, and even decks. Most awnings’ lifespans are between 5 and 10 years, although they can be repaired with ease to lengthen their utility.

Awnings can easily be created to illustrate your business’ style, themes and color scheme, making them an ideal way to spread brand awareness. At Prodigy Lighting & Sign, we specialize in customizing signs and awnings that align with your company’s identity. We can add logos, custom designs or any text you desire, providing you with absolute control over the appearance and function of your new awning or sign.

You can also spice up the face of your building at night with expertly-installed back-lights added to your custom-made awning! Not only are illuminated awnings an excellent sign option, but they also provide an element of security to your business 24 hours a day. That is, you can help your customers find their way at night while discouraging crime after you close!

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  • Concave Awning
  • Casement Awning
  • Convex Awning
  • Dome Awning
  • Backlit With Pop-up
  • Backlit with Dormer
  • Canopy With Hip Ends
  • Gabled Entrance Canopy
  • Rounded Entrance Canopy