Channel letters, also known as “internally illuminated letters” are a popular sign choice that involves each letter being lit from the inside. The internal lighting may shine through the face of the plastic cover or out the back of the letter to give it a “halo” look. At Prodigy Lighting & Sign, our channel letters are custom-made, usually from metal and plastic. We also prefer to light them with LED lighting for efficiency, though neon tubing is an alternate option as well.

We also offer two options for mounting your channel letters. Each letter can be installed individually directly to the building’s face, or the letters can be attached to a “raceway” that is then mounted to your building. A raceway is basically a metal box that runs the length of the channel letter sign. Whether your sign is mounted directly to the building or on a raceway can depend on local ordinances, or building owner restrictions. However, that won’t be your worry. Learn more about how we handle permitting here.

Our channel letters are manufactured under strict standards, and our crew (that includes several master electricians) will ensure the electrical components of your channel letters are installed expertly. Contact Prodigy Lighting & Sign to get started on your new channel letter signage!


  • Standard Letters – 3-dimensional letters covered with plastic that are lit from the inside
  • Exposed Neon – Like the above, however, without the plastic covering. Neon is exposed and has a fun effect.
  • Backlit – Have an opaque front. Instead, the light is cast to the back of the letter and clients see a “halo” around the letters.